This beauty editor has created the only deep-conditioner you’ll need

Meet your new curly hair hero

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Us beauty journalists try and test many, many products in the course of our careers – so we have a good idea of what goes into making something work and what doesn’t. So it’s no surprise that some of us branch out and create products of our own, if what’s already on the market doesn’t measure up. Case in point is Loretta De Feo, who was formerly at Stylist magazine and recently launched deep conditioner Dizziak.


As is normally the case, De Feo created the product due to her frustration at the lack of hair solutions which could deeply condition her Afro curls without the need for harsh synthetic chemicals. And we have to say, she’s hit it straight out of the ballpark with her debut offering. Not only is the packaging gorgeous (designed in collaboration with artist Ted Draws), but the formula is luscious to boot – with a nourishing cocktail of quinoa protein (to repair damaged strands), frizz fighting coconut and argan oils, together with babassu oil to combat dryness and boost elasticity. You just need to leave it on for all of five minutes, then rinse out – easy peasy.Best of all, there are no common “nasties” such as parabens, silicones or sulphates – plus vegans can use it too. Oh and it smells like a mini spa session. Looking forward to what else Ms De Feo has up her sleeve.


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