The Y2K throwback hairstyles we need to revive

Get ready for a dose of nostalgia - these iconic noughties hairstyles are making a comeback, and we're so ready for it.

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From low rise jeans to circle belts, there are many noughties trends that we really don't want to revisit. However, when it comes to hair, there was a certain freedom of expression and a rejection of seriousness that defined this era, and it has only just begun to resurface.

We look at some of the most popular Y2K styles taking 2022 by storm, with advice from hairstylist Salvatore Ierna, one of The Bohemians from London's hottest new salon The Bohemians, on how to recreate them.

Barbie ponytail

"Inspired by the ultimate nostalgic beauty icon herself, the Barbie ponytail is a high pony with curled strands, oftentimes with a swoop of side bangs sweeping across the forehead.


"The elegant yet whimsical updo can be dressed up or down and works for all hair types.


"First section of any front framing tendrils you want left out of your ponytail, then gather the rest of your hair and form it into a high pony, using two or three clear elastics, and a brush to smooth your hair back. Next you can use straighteners or a curling wand to flick curl the ends of your ponytail. Make sure you're curling in the same direction!"

The spiky bun

"This look screams 2000s! Characterised by a high bun with an ultra-sleek finish, the spiky top knot has gained rapid popularity. To get the look, begin by parting the hair sharply down the middle from your hairline to your nape, securing it into a neat ponytail with an elastic towards the top of the head.


"Next the sides are made sleek, using either a spoolie or brush covered with hair spray or clear gel to smooth fly-aways into submission."

Hair stamps

Colour doesn't always have to appear all over the head, or in long strips of extensions. Indeed, your favourite hues can be sprayed on, utilising stencils or free-hand spraying to create a unique pattern.

@kellonderyck with Megan Thee Stallion

The style is ideal for use on any hair texture, including straight hair wigs á la Megan Thee Stallion, styled by Kellon Deryck.


The rapper also donned a dalmation-print in her fringe for a Cruella inspired look. Meanwhile, Rihanna sported 'raccoon tail' red stripes in her tresses for a SAVAGE X FENTY Valentine's collection photo shoot. This effect can be easily recreated free hand with colourful hair spray, such as KMS Style Colour Rusty Copper (£23) or Pick & Mix Temporary Hair Colour Spray Red (£2.99).


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