The unexpected make-up trend of 2020

Think sparkles are only for teenagers, festivals and Christmas? Think again. Grown up glitter is here for the foreseeable future!

Hair & Beauty

After a month of dressing up for Christmas parties, your heart might be sinking at the thought of having to go back to day-to-day dressing. However, with the latest trend for casual glitter make-up appearing almost everywhere, you're in luck.

Don't resign your glitter to the depths of you make-up draw, where it won't be seen until this summer's festivals - instead, add a hint to your everyday look to keep a little bit of festive interest going.

We're not telling you to go overboard - there's a fine line between a nod to Donna Summers and a full-on Cher impersonation - but a little bit of glitter can go a long way. Whether it's super shunky glitter or a finely cut mix, we'll leave that up to you. But here's some inspiration to get you going...

Graphic glitter eyeliner

Soft-glow eyeshadow

Luxe lips

Inner corner sparkle

Cheekbone glitz

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