The ultimate at-home skin survival guide

Give your skin a sense of routine during lockdown with this comprehensive skincare guide from expert Marie Dolan at DestinationSkin

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For many of us, social distancing means we’re spending more time indoors than ever before. Our houses are being turned into makeshift offices or we’re becoming obsessed with newfound hobbies – from discovering a hidden talent for baking a showstopper, to becoming a DIY guru (who knew?!) or feeling zen with a virtual yoga class.

That being said, spending much of our time mooching around in comfy loungewear can easily make the days of the week roll into one. It’s no surprise that we find our usual routines going out of kilter…

We all know that a regular skincare regime is important to keep our skin clear and feeling radiant. So, while our day-to-day routines are temporarily out of sync, Marie Dolan, Registered General Nurse at DestinationSkin, gives us her at-home skin survival guide, helping you put a bit of structure and TLC into your home skincare routine.


Being at home means many of us are going make-up free and giving our skin a chance to breathe. However, dust and dirt will still build up on your face, so remembering to cleanse twice a day is a must. This will help to relieve congested skin and clogged pores, which can lead to inflammation, large pores, blackheads and a dull and uneven complexion. This is caused by a range of factors including natural skin cell death and renewal, grime build up, release of toxins in the body and environmental factors, such as pollution.


There’s no getting away from the fact that fresh air and the sun (but not too much!) is great for our skin. Sunlight helps our body produce vitamin D, which is essential for keeping our skin, bones, teeth and muscles in tip top condition. Going outside for some exercise, or even opening a window or relaxing in our gardens, is an essential step in taking care of our skin. However, do keep in mind that the sun is one of the biggest causes of pigmentation, brown spots or patches on the skin. Always remember to apply SPF to ensure these blemishes don’t set you back your quest for flawless skin!


It might sound simple but staying hydrated is one of the golden rules for healthy, fresh and glowing looking skin. The more water we drink, the fewer wrinkles and fine lines you’ll see, as it helps to make your skin feel plumper, moisturised and improve elasticity.


If social distancing means you’re having more virtual meetings with colleagues, or instead of a night out, you’re video calling your bestie for a catch up and a glass of wine, chances are you’ve upped your screen time in recent weeks. Did you know that the infrared from our screens can have ageing effects on our skin? To protect your skin and keep it looking radiant, remember to remove the blue light from your screens and use SPF when spending prolonged time at your desk.

So, in a nutshell, staying ‘at-home’ could do your skin wonders. Just remember to cleanse, hydrate, let your skin breathe and SPF – even when you are spending more time in doors. Keep your skin happy and safe too!

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