The top 3 products on our Spell Beauty wishlist

Spell Beauty has come out with some seriously covetable looks in recent weeks - here are our top three most-wanted products!

Hair & Beauty
Empire Lace Wig Shannon
Empire Lace Wig Shannon

Salons might be open again, but if you want a new look without commitment, the Empire Lace Wig Shannon has that enviable salon-fresh style with argan oil-infused soft yaki texture in a shoulder length bob.

Empire Lace Wig Shannon

The lightweight mesh cap fits comfortably on your head, and offers a non-bulky fit. Ideal for summer!

Shop now for £89.99.

Urban Twist Passion
Urban Twist Passion

This year, we've been raving about the beauty and ease of the passion twists trend. Spell Beauty has made this look incredibly easy to achieve with their pre-looped twists.

Urban Twist Passion

Each pack contains three generous bundles, which are available in a variety of natural shades.

Shop now for £8.99 per pack.

Cloud 9 Braided Lace Wig Ruwa
Cloud 9 Braided Lace Wigs Box Braid Ruwa

Sometimes it's just not feasible to spend hours in a salon chair - and sometimes you just don't want to! With Spell Beauty's Cloud 9 Braided Lace Wigs collection, you can select from a range of braids styles and achieve your desired look in minutes.

Cloud 9 Braided Lace Wigs Ruwa

We love the 'Box Braid Ruwa' style, which features waist-length box braids that won't weigh you down.

Shop now for £99.99.

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