The Spell-ometer September 2019

From the latest noise cancelling headphones to the contradicting concept of hate-likes - we look at what's hot and what's not right now

The Spell-ometer: Libratone noise-cancelling headphones

HOT: Peace & quiet

Libratone’s wireless noise cancelling earbuds are truly in a league of their own.

The Spell-ometer: Cheap Chat Podcast

HOT: Talk's cheap

Tune in to Cheap Chat podcast every Wednesday for unfiltered dating advice. Warning: addictive listening!

The Spell-ometer: Eggslut

HOT: Egg-stasy

Californian eatery Eggslut has come to London to give The Breakfast Club a run for its money.

The Spell-ometer: Louis Vuitton Jenga

NOT: Money blocks

Louis Vuitton’s Jenga set will set you back a cool £1900, with each block costing approx. £35.18.

The Spell-ometer: Hole punched nail extensions

NOT: Nail fail

Hole punched nail extensions are trending, but we think it’s better left on the ‘gram.

The Spell-ometer: Hate-like

NOT: Hate-like

The act of liking someone’s picture on social media even though it fills you with intense jealousy.

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