The Spell-ometer October 2020

From TikTok fashion shows to cancelled spooky season festivities, we look at what's hot and what's not in the world of Spell.

TikTok fashion shows

HOT: Fashion takeover

Social media app TikTok is launching its very own series of Fashion Weeks - and we’re all getting front row seats.


HOT: Intelligent beauty

Black-owned beauty site YutyBazar offers personalised product recommendations using artificial intelligence. Beam us up!


HOT: Woke AF

New comedy series Woke examines the spectrum of Blackness through a mix of live action and animation.

Louis Vuitton

NOT: Hard to face

Louis Vuitton has unveiled a £750 face shield. We’ll pass, thanks.

Performance Lab Vitamins
Performance Lab NutriGensis Multi for Women, £87 for a 4-month supply

NOT: D is for deficiency

As we retreat inside for winter, vitamin D deficiency symptoms can start to rear their ugly head. Take a multivitamin now to help keep them at bay.

Halloween cancelled

NOT: Cancelled

No parties. No trick-or-treating with the kids. An evening on the sofa with a scary movie is all that’s left!

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