The Spell-ometer May 2020

We look and what's hot and what's not in the world of Spell, from a new way to apply falsies, to headbands worn on the back of the head

KISS Falscara
Falscara by Kiss, £17

HOT: Lash love

These false lashes are designed to be applied below your natural lashes instead of on top!

The High Note

HOT: Big Diva Energy

Tracee Ellis Ross gives us the diva character we’ve all been waiting for in new film The High Note.

Camille Rose - Wonderful Hair Grower

HOT: Millionaire hair

Camille Rose Naturals pays homage to Madame C. J. Walker with its new product, The Hair Grower.


NOT: TikTok timeout

Hours lost watching TikTok beauty & dance challenges. Time to put the phone down.

SootheTube in Blossom & Gilt, £17, Ashley & Co,
Soothe Tube in Blossom & Gilt, £17, Ashley & Co,

NOT: Show of hands

All that hand washing and sanitiser use means our skin is drier than ever. Pass the hand cream.

Back bands

NOT: Back bands

Hairbands but backwards. Hmm not convinced.

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