The Spell-ometer March 2020

We look at what's hot and what's not in the world of Spell, from Stephanie Yeboah's new book to wearing bras over clothes!

Fattily Ever After

HOT: Pre-order

Due for release in September, get your orders in for Stephanie Yeboah’s Fattily Ever After pronto!

Ookonn from £265

HOT: Statement suitcases

The latest it-bag in the world of luggage is circular and can be customised.

Dr Yannis Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask

HOT: Stay woke

A decent substitute for lack of beauty sleep. Dr Yannis Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask, £75.

One legged selfie

NOT: One legged selfie

Feet on tables is always a pet peeve.

Sorry not sorry

NOT: Sorry not sorry

Profusely apologising when we don’t mean it. STOP!

Bras over clothes

NOT: Over-wear

Bras over clothes… a bit silly and a bit cool TBH.

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