The Spell-ometer August 2021

What's hot and what's not in the world of Spell, from the long-awaited Gossip Girl reboot to another big hit to the high street.

Gossip Girl reboot


The Gossip Girl reboot has finally landed in the UK and we’re obsessed with the new cast.


Hot: To the nines

This summer, the term ‘overdressed’ does not exist. Ball gown at brunch, anyone?

Custom roller skates

Hot: On a roll

These customised skates are perfect for summer - now to learn how to roller skate...

Chunky rings

Not: Ring ring

This nostalgic ring trend is making waves on TikTok. Just don’t try to use any kind of writing utensil.

Soul Cap

Not: Put a cap on it

The rejection of specialised swim caps for use by natural haired swimmers in the Olympics has us disappointed, to say the least.

GAP stores UK

Not: Gone for good

The closure of 81 Gap stores, beginning this month, marks another blow to the UK high street.

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