The Spell-ometer August 2018

What’s hot and not in the world of Spell this month?


HOT: Who got the power?

We’re hooked on season five of Power after its explosive return to Netflix!

HOT: Naked foundation

LUSH’s first foundation is packaging-free, vegan and available in 40 shades

HOT: #R9

Riri confirmed on The Graham Norton Show that she’s back in the studio. Could a ninth album be on the way?

HOT: Scalp sweat

A little oil is good, but this heatwave is killing our vibe. Cleanse your roots with TWISTED SISTA’s Luxurious Clarifying Shampoo, £6.99

NOT: World Cup sexism

Alan Sugar implying in a tweet that women don’t watch football? Hate towards female commentators? A part of us is glad it’s all over.

NOT: Pied!

We’re over the love-games and backstabbing for another year – plus, we’ve got our summer evenings back.

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