The Spell-ometer April 2022

What's hot and what's not in the world of Spell Magazine, from binge-worthy Netflix series to the post-pandemic chop.


HOT: Big binge

We’ve found our love match in Bridgerton’s scintillating second season. Must-watch!

HOT: Lash love

Maybelline’s latest mascara, Colossal Curl Bounce (£10.99) has us fluttering our lashes every five minutes

Ambre Renee

HOT: Tipping point

Swap French tips for tortoiseshell. It’s the new way to wear this classic nail art design


NOT: Cash strapped

Are we finally over the maintenance of the moneypiece hair trend?

NOT: So over the moon

Full moons are found to disrupt sleep. Exercise regularly and decrease screen time for better rest.


NOT: Chop chop

Could it be time to shed old skins and go for a post-pandemic chop? We think so.

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