The Spell-ometer April 2020

We find out what's hot and what's not in the world of Spell Magazine, from sustainable period products to giant Creme Eggs

The Honey Pot Company

HOT: For the planet

Black-owned business The Honey Pot Company produces plantbased feminine care for planet-friendly periods.

Green People Kids Hand Sanitiser

HOT: TLC for tots

Green People have developed an organic sanitiser just for little hands. Price £10.

Love Is Blind - Cameron and Lauren

HOT: Couples channel

Cameron & Lauren from Love is Blind are starting a YouTube channel.

Cloud makeup

NOT: Cloud cover

Cute. But we’d rather say ‘goodbye’ to cloudy weather.


NOT: C'mon RiRi

We know Rihanna’s busy dominating the fashion and beauty industries, but we’re still waiting for that ninth album to drop.

Creme Egg

NOT: Eggxit

People keep pooling together Creme Eggs to make giant eggs, and we’re not here for the calories.

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