The secret sauce behind LA weaves

Get up to speed with one of the hottest new trends in hair extensions promising low tension, style longevity and fast installation

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If you’re a dedicated follower of beauty hashtags you may have noticed the #LAWeave tag doing the rounds recently on Instagram. Due to its rise in popularity, more afro salons are adding the service to their menus. If you’re uncertain of how this particular type of extensions differs from the traditional method, we’ve got all the information you need to know.

LA weave
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What’s the 411?

LA weave is a revolutionary extensions method that's currently causing waves worldwide. Although there are a plethora of weave methods and techniques, the LA weave is particularly appealing because it offers safety, quick installation, a long lifespan and versatility.

So, how does it work? First micro rings are applied to sections of the hair before a weft of extensions is sewn onto the track of rings (this replaces the canerow method generally associated with traditional weaves).

A full head of hair can be achieved with a mere two to three rows, so it tends to be a quicker and gentler method than its predecessor. It also has a more natural look and feel - you can leave the sides and back of the hair free without any visible signs of wefts or micro rings. Plus, you can wear your LA weave in any length or colour.

“LA Weave is perfect for clients who aim to achieve a natural look with added volume,” says Ambarin Hussain, hair technician for Lacy Locks. “The lightweight micro rings that secure the weave in place makes it ideal for those with thinner and more delicate hair, as the weave doesn't pull the hair at its root. The no heat, no bond, no braid and no chemical application also gives clients thick locks without breaking or damaging the natural hair.”

Is it safe?

Due to less weight being added to the hairline as is often the case with the canerow method, LA Weave extensions are said to be gentler and less likely to cause tension to the hair and scalp. And while some may be concerned about potential damage caused by micro rings, many professional stylists agree that they're safe for all hair types because micro rings are often made with a silicone lining that protects the hair from damage. For the best results, always visit a qualified stylist for installation.

Taking care of your LA weave

Once you have your LA weave installed you will need to be committed and consistent when it comes to style maintenance, just as you would with any extensions. Use a sulfate-free cleanser or clarifying shampoo every seven to 10 days to wash your extensions. Gently massage your scalp, taking extra care not to rub too vigorously so you don't loosen the micro rings or weft. There’s no need to wash the mid-lengths as the shampoo will travel down and cleanse the rest of your hair.

It's worth investing in a detangling brush to prevent shedding hair from gathering in the rings.

Low maintenance

LA weaves are fairly quick to install and don't require glue, making them kinder for your hair. The extensions lay flat and last around six to eight weeks, which is when the micro rings may need tightening. It's a good style option if you want to keep your scalp ventilated too.

If you purchase quality extensions (head over to for virgin Brazilian bundles) they can be re-applied and used for up to nine months using the aforementioned tips.

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