The seasonal switchover

Capitalise on the back to school mood and usher in a new season and mindset with our autumn-cleaning tips for wardrobe, home and life.

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There’s a change in the air: crisper nights and earlier darkening skies. Yes, September signals a new season and shift in mindset. Even if pulling on your rucksack and tackling a new academic term was a long time ago, it’s worth capitalising on that new phase feeling to get prepared for the colder months ahead. Ready for your seasonal refresh? Here are some tips to get you started.

Have a home declutter

Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo

As if by magic, the queen of decluttering has a new series on Netflix – just in time to tidy up our homes and get us nesting in style. If your abode has felt the full force of the pandemic with life in every respect lived in every nook and cranny, tune into Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo.

Join the journaling gang

Want to add a new habit into your routine? There’s solid research behind the science of journaling and its link to wellbeing. If you haven’t tried it, give this simple technique a go. Keep a notebook and pen beside your bed and take 10 minutes, be it daily or weekly, to jot down whatever you are feeling grateful for. Writing a regular gratitude list is said to be hugely beneficial for relieving anxiety and allows ourselves to observe the true things in life we treasure.


Papier has a gorgeous range of journals to kickstart your list-making journey.

Curate a wardrobe you’ll really wear

Wwardrobe clearout

For many of us, a change in season is only truly official when that style switchover happens. But if the thought of turning your bedroom upside down fills you with a sense of dread then there are some easy-to-follow tips that will make it less bore and more breezy. First, get everything out. Yes, things will get worse before they get better! Inspect items for damage and leave a pile for repairs and another for those you just haven’t worn for a year and donate or sell. Having a streamlined wardrobe ensures you own only the clothes you really wear – less is more.

If motivation still fails you, this TEDx Talk about the life-changing impact of changing your wardrobe guarantees to get you raring to go!

Dish up something new

Say goodbye to summer salads; now’s the time to think about getting in a richer, heartier diet to warm you up on those colder days. For a hit of inspiration, we love scouring Instagram to see what our favourite cooks are dishing up. Dee’s Table showcases plenty of mouth-watering meals that will bound to transform your dinner table. Run by Denai Moore, who’s also an artist and singer, the Londoner creates a blend of Jamaican vegan meals that are a feast for the eyes (and stomach).

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