The new CBD skincare heroes

Intrigued by CBD skincare? Try these five amazing CBD-infused products as selected by the Spell Magazine beauty team!

Hair & Beauty
HERBIVORE EMERALD CBD Deep Moisture Glow, £48
Herbivore Emerald CBD Deep Moisture Glow, £48

For a hydration hit, this powerful face oil will see you right. Utilising the antioxidants found in CBD, the effects are so calming that it can be incorporated into your daily cleansing routine.

HO KARAN Supernatural Soap, £12
Ho Karan Supernatural Soap, £12

Serving 200 grams of organic hemp cannabis sativa oil, here’s a soap that will give a you a moment of blissful relaxation in the shower while being hard at work protecting the skin.

DISCIPLE LONDON CBD Miracle Patches, £30
Disciple London CBD Miracle Patches, £30

These travel-friendly patches are perfect for a quick CBD top-up. They last for 24 hours and work with your body’s heat to diffuse a stream of CBD into the skin throughout the day.

OTO Focus CBD Body Oil, £69
OTO Focus CBD Body Oil, £69

Packed with high strength CBD and blended with ginger oil, this hydrating body oil takes a new approach to tackling pigmentation.

DR. BRONNER’S Organic Lemon Lime Lip Balm, £3.49
Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lemon Lime Lip Balm, £3.49

Going above and beyond for lip protection, this stick of wonder is made up of only the finest essential oils including hemp to assist with round-the-clock nourishment.

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