The must-have product for long lasting nail colour

Don't settle for chipped or fading polish - this product from CND Shellac allows you to extend the wear of your fave shade for 3 weeks!

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Isn't it disappointing when the fresh coat on your talons chips, peels or fades after just a few days? You didn't hand over your hard-earned cash and spend time in a salon chair just to have to go back and do it again one week later. But if that's usually the case for you, it might be time to ask your nail technician to try something new.

The latest addition to the CND Shellac family, salon-only Wear Extender Base Coat offers up to three weeks of Shellac wear. With thicker viscosity, the base coat covers imperfections and ridges with ease, and requires the same application and removal as CND's Original Base Coat (if you're a fan)!

Ask your qualified nail technician for details.

Nail inspo

With the prospect of a longer lasting manicure in front of you, here's some nail inspo to give to your manicurist next time you're in the salon...

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