The most Googled beauty DIY questions

In the midst of lockdown, with salons and beauticians closed for the forseeable, we're turning to the internet for our beauty fixes

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Many of us have found ourselves in the middle of the COVID-19 lockdown without a beautician in sight, and although we haven't reached the point where we're asking our hairstylist to give us a trim through their letterbox, we're turning to the internet to give us DIY beauty advice. a not-for-profit website providing unbiased aesthetics advice, decided to investigate this by looking at average monthly search volumes on Google to see what people are searching most with regards to their beauty regimes.


People on lockdown have had no choice but to look after their own hair, with a new trend for shaved heads stemming from isolation boredom. Research may indicate some people are regretting their decision, with ‘How to grow hair faster?’ receiving 6,600 average monthly searches.

Top Hair Related Questions by average monthly search:

How to curl hair with a straightener - 12,100

How to cut your own hair - 6,600

How to grow hair faster - 6,600

How often should you wash your hair? - 6,600

How to get hair dye off skin - 5,400


Make-up is still popular despite the lockdown, with people Googling ‘make up’ 135,000 times. Searches like ‘how to clean make up sponges DIY’ have increased in recent weeks.

Top make-up related questions by average monthly search:

How to do make-up - 2,400

How to clean make-up brushes - 1,900

How to do eye make-up - 880

How to look pretty without make-up - 590

How to make DIY make-up remover wipes - 10


Getting your nails done is another key part of life we are missing out on and it shows through the average search patterns.

Top nail related questions by average monthly search:

How to remove acrylic nails - 27,100

Kim's nails - 27,100

How to fix a broken nail - 9,900

How to get stronger nails DIY - 50

How to make DIY nails - 30

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