The latest wraps and caps for stylish self-care

Whether it’s bedtime or shower time, swap your ‘granny’ headscarf for one of these no-nonsense and super cute cover-ups

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Wearing a headscarf to bed is a ritual many of us just wouldn’t forego. Granted, it’s not the sexiest look. However, it’s one of the fundamentals to maintaining gorgeous, healthy hair -and we all want more of that! But rather than compromising your style, we head hunt the latest wraps and caps that will work wonders on your delicate tresses while keeping you looking pretty from head-to-toe day and night.

Silke Hair Wrap
Silke Hair Wrap, £50

Here’s a head wrap that looks so good it’s worthy of a public airing. Whether you need to pop to the shops or protect a blow-dry, simply pop on a Silke Hair Wrap to get you from A to B. This is not a cover up for bad hair days - it’s a convenient and chic way to condition locks and extend time between washes.

Amara Silk Pillowcase
Amara Silk Pillowcase, £29.99

In the words of Beyonce, ‘I woke up like this.’ And with a silk pillowcase in your beauty arsenal, you can also look great first thing. Cotton versions sap the hair of moisture, creating friction and causing breakage. Swap yours for this 100% Mulberry Silk Amara pillowcase from fast-growing curl specialists

Glow By Dayes Deep Conditioning Cap
Glow By Daye Deep Conditioning Cap, £30

If you use a sodden towel for deep conditioning treatments, it’s time for an upgrade. This cordless heat cap, which is made from soft microfiber and filled with flaxseed, can be warmed-up in a microwave and will retain its heat for up to 30 minutes. Thanks to this ‘hottie’ there’s really no excuse for not maintaining healthy-looking hair.

Shhhowercap, £35

Thanks to hip millennial brand Shhhowercap, the ill-fitting and seriously unsexy shower cap has undergone a much needed makeover. Its traditional plastic bag aesthetic has been replaced with a premium nano-tech fibre, designed to repel even the tiniest drop of water. Any contact with moisture and it will dry in minutes - staving off humidity.

O So Curly Satin Bonnet
O So Curly Satin Bonnet, £18.99

Our new go-to satin bonnet is by UK influencer-turned entrepreneur UKCurlyGirl. Reversible and spacious, it also features a soft elastic rim to avoid indentation marks. The style is good enough to wear around the house in front of bae or as an ideal substitute for a silk pillowcase.

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