The hottest 2020 fitness trends

Fitness company Gymbox predicts the fitness trends we'll be seeing in 2020. Time to spice up your old workout routine!


Tired of the same old regime of squats, planking and cardio? The fitness geeks at Gymbox, home to the most unique and diverse fitness classes in London, have put their heads together to predict six exciting trends in the fitness world in 2020.

Always at the forefront of gym-based innovation, Gymbox’s 2020 fitness trends are used by the experts themselves to create their brand-new creative classes throughout the year.


Competition Classes

Younger fitness fans are displaying greater interest in competitive fitness, more than any other age group. In a lot of instances members are choosing to compete for a charitable cause too.

“This year’s trend will see the fitness industry launching competitions for the masses. As members are really looking to push and challenge themselves to take their fitness to the next level, we’ve tracked an increase in members’ uptake of classes that have training plans to take them to competition level.” - Hannah Curtis Nunn, Group Fitness Director at Gymbox.

Gymbox have continued their partnership with White Collar Fightclub, which is a programme where members can kick stress and anxiety in the ass with an 8-week boxing fitness challenge which also fights against the stigma of mental health. After turning you into a lean, mean, fighting machine, they beef up your bragging rights with a night in the spotlight.

In 2020, Gymbox will be teaming up with Girl Gone RX to train members to compete in a Lift Up Series: Women’s Only Olympic Weightlifting competition. Gymbox is all about lifting its members up and what better way than to lift heavy, cheer each other on, and perhaps hit a PB.

Gymbox Brexfit

Prioritising Movement

Thanks to the recent explosion of interest in dynamic CrossFit-style workouts, we’re seeing growing demand for functional fitness classes which prioritise movement as they are the best way to prepare for this kind of training.

Rather than focusing on how much weight or how many reps one can complete to get bigger and stronger, the focus will shift to moving properly through functional training. Functional training focuses on improving balance and coordination; building strength the right way.” - Hannah Curtis Nunn, Group Fitness Director at Gymbox.

Gymbox has seen a rise in members attending their Prehab classes, as well as slower skill-based workouts with the launch of movement-based classes B.O.L.T and Gymnasium and predict that this will increase in 2020.

Gymbox Digital Detox

Recovery Classes

Gymbox predicts that there will be an increase in the number of people using meditation, breathing exercises and sensory deprivation experiences in a bid to recover and reset, as part of their weekly fitness regime. This builds on the idea of a digital detox allowing members to have scheduled down time throughout the week; something we could all do with more of.

Despite this trend beginning last year, 2020 will see even more of a focus on shifting our members and followers from a “walk in crawl out” attitude to a more holistic mindset, with more implementation of recovery classes at Gymbox.” - Hannah Curtis Nunn, Group Fitness Director at Gymbox.

Over the last 18 months, Gymbox has worked to create the very best classes to help members recover from their workouts and any nagging day-to-day strains. Popular recovery classes include Cannabliss, Braingasm, Digital Detox and Gonged Out. There will be a continued focus at Gymbox in 2020 to educate members on the importance of taking care of their mental health as well as physical.

Gymbox Braingasm

Community Classes

Classes where a community vibe is encouraged are quickly replacing after-work drinks. Gymbox has detected this trend through social media, as friends and colleagues are using our classes as a way to catch up and are using the more experiential classes to arrange meet ups.

“The way we socialise with friends and spend time with work colleagues is changing. Group exercise lies at the heart of what we do, and this is quickly becoming one of the easiest ways to meet new people, catch up with friends and keep yourself motivated.” - Hannah Curtis Nunn, Group Fitness Director at Gymbox.

Group training goes hand-in-hand with big events and competitions. Classes which allow people to train as a group and learn a skill always have a lot of fans. This leaves members significantly more motivated than when training alone, as building relationships gives people another reason to keep training. We have seen this across our Aerial Series category where members are learning a skill and building confidence as a group.

Gymbox Pilates

Data-led classes, Wearables and Biometrics

Fitness trackers aren’t just a novelty item that motivate people to move more. In 2020, people will pay more attention to the data collected from wearable technology and fitness apps.

“Over the last two years we have introduced significantly more classes which follow a rotating programme over 12-14 weeks, allowing members to join at any time and buy into the data-tracking options offered. We launched a bespoke studio in Victoria for Threshold, Elephant & Castle for Threshold Run, and in Farringdon for Deathrow. Members are able to track their fitness data and use this to mark improvements, allowing them to set their own limits in classes to ensure each session is scalable to their own level of fitness. This trend will continue with the launch of two new classes in 2020.” - Hannah Curtis Nunn, Group Fitness Director at Gymbox.

This can be seen in the popularity of B.O.L.T (Basics of Olympic Lifting Technique). This class was designed specifically to refine weightlifting form at lightning speed – perfecting quicker, faster and better-driven movement with the help of B.O.L..T’s cutting-edge technology.

Experiential and Emotive classes

We’ve found that our members also look for classes that they can let loose in - new experiences they can drop into with no other purpose than sweating, moving while having fun, and experiencing something completely new. We have had record numbers attending classes as a one-off experience.

“This year we have tracked that members like to have new experiences on tap so that they can have their weekly routine, but pepper this alongside meeting up with friends and trying out new classes for the sheer fun of it.” - Hannah Curtis Nunn, Group Fitness Director at Gymbox.

The wackier, the better, in a lot of instances this year – with Sexhale, Braingasm, Anger Management, Brexfit and Aunt Liv being the favourites.

Hannah Curtis Nunn, Group Fitness Director at Gymbox, comments:

“Group exercise lies at the heart of what we do, and our view is that every one of our classes should be market-leading, whether it’s yoga or boxing, aerial, dance or a sweat drenching session. We are researching, uncovering and designing new ways to exercise; and by bringing new class formats into our studios, we can ensure we’re always innovating and setting trends in fitness. Our approach has always been to combine design and credibility, so we have visually spectacular studios and eye-catching classes, but also deliver a really great, effective product.”

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