The guide to finding the perfect nail shape

Mavala's nail expert Lynn Gray breaks down the pros, cons and colour matches for every nail shape, from squoval to stiletto.

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With many of us becoming our own manicurists during lockdown, now might be the time to switch up your look with a different nail shape. In a manicure, the polish is the cherry on top, however, the shape of your nails can be a great way to keep up with current trends and show off your personality. With such a myriad of nail shapes out there though from stiletto and square to ballerina and almond, how do we decide what suits us best?

Oval nails


“Probably the safest and most practical of nail shapes is the round nail. Generally working better with shorter nails, the tip is filed along the contour of the finger. This is a great shape for those who like a more understated look and it can also elongate the fingers. I’d match a beautiful bright shade with this shape.”

Square nails


“This is a classic nail shape that is so often associated with the classic manicure. The modern shape of a squared finish is great for those that have narrow nail beds. A block of dark colour usually works well with this shape, think vampy shades.”

Squoval nails


“A perfect blend of both round and square, the squoval takes the harsh edges out of the square but elongates the round even further. This shape is flattering on almost anyone and in any shade.”

Almond nails


“The almond nail shape is classy and has an heir of elegance in its appearance. The look provides an illusion of slender and long fingers and is perfect with a understated nude or grey shade.”

Stiletto nails


“The stiletto nail definitely makes a statement. This dramatic look is fantastic when paired with a daring neon colour and looks great with any nail art."

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