The Dry Shampoo Revolution

Why this hair hero is topping the beauty charts

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Every few years a game changer in beauty comes along and makes us wonder how did we ever live without it. In the hair category, that one such product is dry shampoo. From festivals and holidays to giving us a precious 30-minute lie in midweek, the savvy hair saviour has revolutionised our beauty routine. 

We’ve come to love it so much that we’re even forgoing shampoo in favour of the quick-fix alternative. Superdrug recently revealed that last year, sales of dry shampoo soared by 14% in comparison to regular shampoo sales. Allen Webb, Superdrug Senior Hair Buyer says: “Dry shampoo has been on the rise for the past five years and shows no signs of slowing down." 

Superdrug has even introduced a new dry shampoo zone in all stores to keep up with demand while Moroccan Oil has added two to their collection and Living Proof has gone one step further by adding cleaning technology to theirs. 

From cult classics to nifty newcomers, we round up our favourite dry shampoos.

Batiste Sweetie  (£3.29)

A best seller, this candy scented style spritzer has sold more than well-known brands standard shampoo Pantene and Elvive combined.


Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo (£4.71)

A total must-have for coloured tresses, a quick burst revives reds, brightens blondes and blazes up brunettes.

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Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo (£14.85)

There isn’t one product from the Moroccan Oil range that we haven’t tried and loved. Their latest releases do not disappoint. Available for both dark and light tones, the dry shampoos contain ultra fine rice starch that absorb daily grime and protect against those colour fading UV rays.


Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo Naked (£2.99)

Formulated with tapioca, it works wonders on greasy lank hair, transforming it from scruffy to sassy in a matter of minutes.


Living Proof Healthy Hair Dry Shampoo (£22)

Formulated with hair cleaning technology, this is the first dry shampoo to actually clean your hair by dissolving dirt and oil rather than just masking it. A complete gamer changer, it’s a lazy girl’s ultimate friend.

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