The definitive guide to buying crochet hair

New to crochet hair? Read our guide containing five valuable tips to help you find the perfect locks for your new look.

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Crochet hairstyles continue to dominate our social media feeds this season and show no sign of waning. So if you’re new to this protective style method or are simply seeking some fresh style tips, read on…

Urban Twist Passion
Urban Twist Passion Twist - Model is wearing length 18 inches colour T1B/27. Shop here.

If you ask us, crochet hair is like a gift from the beauty gods. Convenient and purse-friendly, these extensions are also super fast to install in comparison to other methods and protective styles. For the uninitiated, application is achieved as follows: pre-styled extensions are sewn into cornrowed hair with a crochet needle - creating a brand new popping style in no time.

A routine visit to any beauty supplier or online store will present a minefield of choice, so it can be difficult to know where to start. If you’re a crochet newbie or just want to know how to make an informed choice when selecting protective style extensions, read on for our comprehensive guide to buying crochet hair...

Urban Twist Passion Twist

1. Human or synthetic hair?

The first thing you will need to decide is whether to purchase human or synthetic crochet extensions. Human hair tends to be more expensive for obvious reasons and, due to its smoother texture, it can be a bit trickier to install. Synthetic crochet extensions are a more popular choice as they are cost effective, varied in style and shade, and tend to have a secure grip on the hair during the installation process. Shop for prelooped and pre-twisted or braided hair for easier installation and to cut down on style time.

2. How many packs do you need for a full head?

There’s nothing worse than getting to the middle of a fresh install to find you don't have enough hair: #BigFail! Our crochet extensions philosophy is that it’s better to have extra hair left over that you can use for quick touch-ups than have to make a rapid trip midapplication to your local beauty supply store. In terms of how much hair you should purchase, it’s all dependent on the thickness of your natural hair and the style you wish to achieve. However, we’d suggest buying around seven to eight packs for a crochet protective style, roughly speaking.

3. How long do you want to wear your extensions?

Another benefit of crochet hair is that the results can last for pretty much the same time as individually installed styles such as braids and double-stranded twists - and still look immaculately fresh. One of our favourite hacks is to install a crochet style such as long double-stranded twists and unravel them after two to three weeks. You can then wear the hair loosely so it resembles a big curly Afro. But if style longevity is your thing and you like to switch up your look, opt for crochet extensions that allow for this kind of flexibility.

4. Size matters (and that includes length, too)

Crochet hair extensions are available in a mind-blowing range of style options. From pencil thin twists and jumbo double-twisted options to short coily braids – the choices are limitless. And although it may not seem like an important consideration, we definitely recommend taking a moment to think about length and volume as this will impact your finished look. For instance, jumbo braids add a lot of volume so if you’re not a fan of big statement-making hair it may feel a bit overwhelming. Likewise, if you’re after a short bob there’s no need to buy 18 inches of hair extensions as most of it will be cut off during the styling process. We suggest creating a mood board of your favourite looks prior to purchasing your extensions so you can achieve your desired style with ease.

5. It’s all in the finish

Lastly, take the time to consider what finished look and texture you’d like when wearing crochet hair. The double-twisted styles are the trend of the moment and tend to be available in a silky smooth finish, as well as, a more rugged texture that gives the hair a more natural, worn-in look. But your choices don't stop at double stranded twists: you can also opt for faux locs or box braids that mimic the look of individually installed braids. You can also replicate natural textured styles like a kinky 'fro or blown out 4c curls using hair made of quality Syn Kanekalon Fibre. The options are truly limitless when it comes to crochet.

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