The dangers of untrained lash technicians

When it comes to something as sensitive as your lashes, you want to be in the best hands! Here's why you should avoid untrained techs.

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You wouldn't go to an unqualified dentist to get a filling, or an undertrained aethetician to get lip fillers. Most of us are even super picky about which hairdresser we use! So why entrust your eyelashes and eye health to a friend of a friend who has just started her own lash business without the proper training and qualifications. Take it from us: you might be doing them a favour, but you may also be putting yourself in danger of anything from badly applied lashes to infection and even blindness.

It goes without saying that you should avoid untrained lash technicians, but if you need convincing, here are 10 reasons why:

1. Poor knowledge and the failure to plan the correct size, weight and length of lashes for the client can cause long term damage if applied over a length of time – it can even cause Traction Alopecia!

2. Unhygienic application can lead to cross contamination between clients, spreading eye infections and ultimately cause damage to both the lashes and the eyes – it could even cause a client to lose their eyesight!

3. Allergic reactions are far more likely to happen when a technician is not qualified, as they are more likely to stick glue to the skin, thereby blocking a follicle, leading to a possible allergic reaction.

4. Using too much glue will leave the lashes feeling heavy and the lids sore, with the lashes themselves drooping and looking like Ermintrude the cow!

5. Failure to isolate each lash and keep them well separated will affect the natural hair growth, either by preventing further lash growth or affecting the shape – it could even prevent the lash ever re-growing in that area.

6. Unqualified techs may not understand their materials, especially the glue. Semi permanent, Cyanoacrylate eyelash glue must never be applied to the skin, and it MUST be used sparingly – with incorrect application, even taking the lashes off safely means the client is left with very few lashes left!

7. Not understanding lash mapping can lead to the wrong length or weight lashes being applied, again this can damage the client’s natural lash.

8. Incorrect styling, rather than enhancing the client’s look, can make her look weird – for instance, a long, narrow eye (think Kate Moss or Sarah Jessica Parker) needs to be mapped as an ‘open’ eye to make her eyes look bigger and wider. The current trend – the feline or ‘cat’ eye would just make this shape of eyes look even longer and more narrow!

9. Correctly applied lash extensions should not hurt, lids should not be sore, lashes should correct any faults in your own natural lash set, they should not be wonky or criss-crossed, and they do not need to ‘grow back’ after you take the extensions off – they should be no different to how they normally grow, you’re just used to having them longer.

10. Watch out for pricing – those advertising ‘Full set of lashes, £25.00’ are doing express lashes. These are thick lashes applied without isolation in about 45 minutes. The technician does not tell the client they are express, will bring them back in and instead of taking them off, with keep infilling and infilling week after week until they literally have no lashes left. The problem is now is that the general public think this is the norm.

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