The best wig products in 2022

From everyday care to looking super laid, here are seven essential products you need to elevate your wig game this year.

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Design Essentials Wigs & Extensions Collection Sulfate-free Conditioning Shampoo

Design Essentials Wigs & Extensions Collection

Sulfate-free Conditioning Shampoo, £6.95

Remove product build-up and keep styles box-fresh with a gentle shampoo. A sulfate-free formula will keep the colour vibrant and rinse away the plastic shine associated with cheaper-looking hair.

Spell Beauty Stocking Cap

Spell Beauty

Stocking Cap, 99p

For a secure, non-bulky fit it’s always worth wearing a wig cap to conceal edges. Plus, the added layer adds extra grip without the need for combs.

ORS Fix-It Super Hold Wig Grip Gel

ORS Fix-It

Super Hold Wig Grip Gel, £4.99

Lace glues hold a reputation for being harsh and damaging to the hairline. Tearing up this notion is this contender from the ORS Fix-it family which has nourishing ingredients to strengthen and promote growth.

The Feme Collection Mannequin Head

The Feme Collection

Mannequin Head, £29.99

Don’t take your wig for granted. Give it the care it deserves by investing in a ‘dressing table worthy’ mannequin head such as this.

The Renatural The Wig Fix

The Renatural

The Wig Fix, £25

Designed to enhance the wig wearing experience, this clever silicone band reduces tension on the head and provides a firm grip which won’t budge or melt in any circumstance.

Wetbrush Go Green Detangler


Go Green Detangler, £14.99

This award-winning brush is perfect for detangling sopping wet wigs in the bath or shower. It glides through the toughest tangles, resetting curl patterns along the way.

Collection Cosmetics Lasting Perfection Blemish Concealer

Collection Cosmetics

Lasting Perfection Blemish Concealer, £4.99

Wig YouTubers routinely recommend blending closures with a concealer. This is useful if the knots on the closure are not bleached or the lace doesn’t match the colour of your scalp.

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