The Best Protein Powders To Maximise Your Workouts

Get #strongnotskinny the smart way in 2018


Protein powders are a great way to repair and build muscle, as part of a healthy diet after a training session. But admittedly we’re not huge fans of the straight-laced branding of many of the ones we’ve tried. If you want something that looks pretty on a bathroom shelf as well as being packed full of the good stuff, we’ve done most of the legwork for you. Read on to find out which ones we’ve been powering up with after bench-pressing those 5kgs…

Cute Nutrition Vegan Strawberry Shake 

One for all of you following a plant-based diet – especially those with a sweet tooth. Despite its confectionary flavour, this is actually low in fat and sugar – with a soy and wheat protein blend. This London-based brand has a nifty line of hoodies too – perfect for cooling down in. (£23.99

Free Soul Hero Protein Blend 

This is gluten-free, so ideal for anyone who’s wheat intolerant or has coeliac disease. Available as either a whey or vegan protein formula, it’s been developed especially for the ladies, with ingredients like Peruvian maca to help support a good hormonal balance – so you might see an uplift in mood and energy too. Plus the magnesium and omega 3s will help boost your energy levels and strengthen your skin hair and nails in the bargain. (£24

The Nue Co. Milk Protein and Gut Food 

They say good health begins in the gut – and we couldn’t agree more. It’s the key to keeping your immune system performing at its peak (so you’ll be less susceptible to winter bugs), as well as keeping your energy levels ticking over. This milk protein powder (also available as a vegan formula) has a side-helping of “gut food” i.e. prebiotics that promote the growth of healthy bacteria. (£50,

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