The best celebrity hairstyles of the 10s

As we settle into the new decade, we look back at the trends and styles that our favourite celebrities sported over the past 10 years

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Unlike the 50s with its victory rolls, bouffants and poodle clips, the 70s with its uninhibited disco 'Fros and feathering, or the 90s with its crimping, space buns and bantu knots, the 10s saw a shift away from trends, towards individuality. This was a time in which unique and idiosynchratic hairstyles really began to be celebrated, and no single hairstyle or hair trend reigned supreme.

However, we did acknowledge one overarching trend for Afro and curly haired people during the 2010s: the natural hair movement. Despite the movement actually beginning in the US in the noughties, the success of social media in the last decade propelled it into the mainstream, with many celebrities and influencers using their platforms to exhibit the beauty of their natural hair. We witnessed many women (and men) the world over, renouncing chemical relaxers and embracing their Afros, experimenting with protective styles, and utilising wigs.

With 2020 and a brand new, exciting decade ahead, we hope to hold onto these themes of naturalness and breaking free from restrictive ideals of beauty. But for now, let's look at our favourite celebrity looks that encompassed the spirit of the 10s.

Solange Knowles
Alicia Keys
Beyoncé Knowles
Meghan Markle - Royal Wedding
Nicki Minaj
Slick Woods
Zoe Kravitz

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