The artist using passport photos to talk about afro hair

Favour Jonathan's statement of pride

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Favour Jonathan is the 21-year-old, Central Saint Martin’s fine art student who has been breaking the internet with a series of passport photo selfies. Taken over five months, the images show her wearing a different hairstyle and channelling personas from Janet Jackson circa 1993 to a traditional woman of her homeland in Benin City, Nigeria. Favour titled the project ‘A Statement of Pride’ and even put on an exhibition at her home where she wanted show off the versatility of Afro-textured hair.  

Favour says: 

“It’s people’s expressions that give me satisfaction. Doing your own hair is a journey of self-discovery, but can also be just a few hours of solo down time. I love that I can put on the TV, braid my hair, have some me time, and have a new style.” 

Given that out hair is inextricably linked with our identity, it’s no wonder so many people found Favour’s work so both inspiring. We’ll certainly be following her hair journey on insta.

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