The Anthony Affect

Spell meets the trailblazer of ‘bodied’ weaves and 60-second transformations, Anthony Cuts

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Anthony Cuts

For those who don’t know, what’s ‘The Anthony Affect’?

The ‘Anthony Affect’ is not just a thing; it’s more of a feeling. When people see it they try to correct me and say ‘oh it’s not with an ‘a’ it’s with an ‘e’. But it is the feeling women get when they get their hair and make-up done. You see it on my videos; when I'm finished and they turn and that flash from the camera goes off, they are totally different women. It makes them feel like 'I’m that woman' - and that’s the ‘Anthony Affect’.

On your Instagram page, comments like ‘she’s got so much hair, she doesn’t need a weave’ are quite common. What are your thoughts?

Everyone needs a weave [laughs out loud]. Sorry, not everyone needs a weave, but, to some extent, your hair should not be experiencing trauma everyday. You should not be combing hair everyday, working the comb through it and breaking your hair off. So a weave allows your natural hair to have that break it needs – it’s a protective style. Braids can be safe for your hair, frontals can be good for the hair. Anything that alleviates your hair from having any weight, stress or heat damage on it is good for your hair. Nothing is wrong with a weave if done properly.

Anthony Cuts

What are the telltale signs of a good weave?

It should be flawless without visible tracks; the natural hair is blended with the weave and they just meet. There’s a natural flow to it; it’s not stiff, there’s movement, it’s shaking and looks totally natural.

The ‘Anthony Affect’ is not just a thing; it’s more of a feeling

Any weave pet peeves?

I hate seeing a heavy, lumpy and bumpy weave with super gelled, laid edges. It's not like a natural appearing hairstyle. Even when your edges are laid down, you can use hairspray as opposed to the shiny edge control.

But, each to their own; sometimes it’s a look.

Do men make better stylists?

No, I would not say that. But I would say that men probably know how they want a woman to look because they can see her in a certain light. Women can probably see a woman and do their hair just as good, though.

Anthony Cuts

You do make-up in your tutorials too. If you had to choose, which is more important; hair or make-up?

I love them both but I think I have to go with hair; it’s my first love. I have only been doing make-up for five years or so and I’m still learning. I have been doing hair for way longer. The make-up still has that spark and makes me want to learn more, but I would rather deal with hair. Definitely hair!

Anthony Cuts

Fact file

★ Anthony’s 60-second videos take 3 to 6 hours to edit

★ His waistlength locs are over 10 years old

★ GLOWmoji’s is a melanin-friendly emoji app Anthony designed for women

★ If it wasn’t for hairdressing, Anthony would be a physiotherapist

★ To date, he has 1.9 million Instagram followers

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