The 5 most popular beauty trends right now

Beauty by numbers: We look at the UK’s most wanted trends on the come up AND come down, from fox eye make-up to nose contouring.

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Fox eye makeup

+319% - Fox eye make-up

Not to be confused with the winged eyeliner trend that’s been around for years, the straighter tip of the fox eye helps to achieve a sexier almond-shaped aesthetic.

Face steaming

+192% - Face steaming

Searches for this at-home spa beauty treatment sky-rocketed over lockdown and it quickly became the secret complexion-clearing weapon we all needed.

Henna freckles

+100% - Henna freckles

In this quirky trend, tiny dots of natural henna paste are applied across the bridge of the nose and cheeks to get a freckled sun-kissed look.

DIY face mask

+186% - DIY face mask

Forget Snapchat filters - face sheets and homemade face masks are the new selfie to upload on your feed. With pamper sessions on the up, it’s a beauty bandwagon worth jumping on (with gorgeous results).

Blackhead vacuum

+100% - Blackhead vacuum

The K-beauty gadget has come to the rescue for removing stubborn blackheads. Painless and easy to use, you can purchase one for less than £20.

Taking a drop

With TikTok users churning out new beauty hacks almost weekly, it’s no surprise that some of the fads from 2020 are tapering off. Here are the trends that have taken a tumble in search numbers...

Pore strips

-22% - Pore strips

Eyebrow stencils

-40% - Eyebrow stencils

Nose contouring

-64% - Nose contouring

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