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Struggling to get to grips with caring for your own hair during lockdown? These virtual appointments could be your haircare saviours!

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With many UK salons having been closed for over a month (including mobile stylists), many dedicated salon-goers have been sharing their haircare woes on social media.

Some have posted pictures of their root growth, while others have desperately asked the online hair community, 'how long can I leave my weave in for before I finally have to take it out?'. This sudden cry for help from customers has prompted some professional hair stylists to take their expertise online in order to help those in need of some lockdown hair therapy! *exhales like Whitney*

Award-winning hairdresser Lisa Farrall is leading the way in providing virtual assistance to help us cope with our curls and grown-out roots during lockdown.

Last week the East London curl connoisseur FaceTimed her client @char_bailey_ to talk her through her Curly Masterclass using @matrix products.  

Lisa's handy caption read:

Step 1 - shampoo & condition
We used matrix total results dark envy this is perfect for dark bases as it enriches & neutralises red undertones in the hair.
Shampoo neutralises red tones and the conditioner provides radiance and shine. I like to leave a little conditioner in with curly hair depending on the density.

Step 2 - Towel Wrap
Now this stage is something that gets overlooked.. we don’t want to rub curly hair or over dry it.. simply wrap it in a towel and twist to remove excess moisture.

Step 3 - Leave in Treatment
So on damp hair we used matrix total results miracle creator there’s so many benefits well 20 to be exact. This leave in treatment evens out porosity, roughness, smoothes the cuticle and minimises hair breakage and damage. Apply to wet hair and spray throughout before styling. Just use your fingers to comb through.

Step 4 - Twist
This is the easiest way to do your hair at home and maintain a glossy even curl, it takes some practice but you’ll get there. We twisted using total results mega sleek mega varnish which is a serum that absorbs into the hair and manages frizz without a greasy residue. Take a section of hair in your hand and split into two, now twist both sections around each other to create a two strand twist. The smaller the sections the smaller the curl pattern.. you’ll get the hang of it don’t worry.

Step 5 - Air Dry & Shake
Now the hair is all twisted go about your day. Allow the hair to air dry. Once dry separate each twist into two, then divide that section again and separate each curl. Use your fingers to separate and shake it baby. You can apply more varnish on dry hair if you wish. Now go get them with your Lion Maine you're a GODDESS.
Lisa xoxo

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