Spell's 2020 Style Report recap

We look back over a year of the Style Report, with a round up of the make-up, hair and fashion trends that turned our heads.

Hair & Beauty

Trends come and go, but there are some looks we want to hold on to. From Ciara’s wooden hair beads in our April issue to the Katega sisters’ well-thought-out layered looks from October, what’s your favourite trend of 2020?

Layered looks
@kategasisters - Trend: Layered fashion
Nail art
Imarni Nails - Trend: Nail art
Folk fashion
@inmysundaybest - Trend: Folk fashion
Nineties minimalism
@taylasnts - Trend: Nineties minimalism
Sheer fashion
@supriya_lele - Trend: Sheer fashion
Cool tones
@jastookes - Trend: Cool tones
Beaded hair
Ciara - Trend: Beaded braids
Brushed up brows
@whitneymadueke - Trend: Brushed up brows
Graphic liner
@patmcgrathreal - Trend: Graphic liner

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