Spell FitClub: Bounce DanceFit

The latest workout class where you can become Beyoncé!


What they say:
Bounce is a brand new high energy dance fitness class that will change the way you look at your workout. It’s fun, effective and for everyone.

Bounce DanceFit has commercial pop/RnB roots and the choreography is fun and easy to follow, combining the latest hip-hop and hits. Dance styles covered include Hip-Hop and Waacking, House and Vogue. It’s the perfect combination of fitness, dance, cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility.

What we say: It has all the fun of a Saturday night out minus the dreaded hangover! Unlike other classes that can leave you achy or sore the next day, Bounce DanceFit was so invigorating we literally leapt out of bed the morning after with a welcomed boost of energy!


While we may not be able to twerk like Miley or shake it like Ciara (yet!) Franco the instructor, with his cheeky smile and constant words of encouragement, made us feel like we’re as bootylicious as Beyoncé herself! We’re also convinced that after witnessing his booty poppin’ body rolls, he’d beat Queen B and J.Lo hands down in a dance off! He’s that good!

The hour long class flew by and not once did we clock watch or try to make a run for it via the fire escape (which we’ve been known to do!) From old school Missy and Madonna tracks to the funky beats of Bieber, Bounce is perfect for those who are looking to shake up their workout routine.


The best bit:
Classes run the same routine for four weeks at a time so you can perfect your moves week by week. Then once you’ve mastered it, it’s onto the next one! After three… ‘Everybody dance now!”

When & where it is: Bounce DanceFit is leaping from one UK city to the next. To find your nearest class, click here

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