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Why You Should Invest

Ever heard of Pixi Glow Tonic? It's become a seriously cult product, with a loyal army of fans, due to its skin renewing and exfoliating prowess. And now the line have launched a sister skin saviour that's set to cause a similar stampede. It's called Rose Tonic and it's just what the doctor ordered for a tired, lacklustre complexion.


How It Works

While Glow Tonic helps unclog pores and reinvigorate dull skin, this new Rose Tonic concoction calms and refreshes with its hero ingredient: rose (famed for its anti-inflammatory prowess) as well as elderflower, together with a good slug of nutrients for good measure. Is your face feeling the effects of staring at a screen for hours? Or just prone to irritation? A few drops of this on a cotton pad, swept over the skin morning and night after cleansing (or whenever your skin feels in need of a little loving) should sort it out, refreshing and cooling whilst also adding that all-important hydration. It also helps restore the skin's PH balance to prevent future flare ups.


Top Tip

If you're suffering from a tension headache or migraine, add some of this stuff to a cold damp flannel and cover your face for a few minutes. It should hopefully help take the edge off and your skin will thank you for it.


£10 for 100ml at Cult Beauty

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