Sis is not a beauty guru, but here's why I love this palette!

If we're given the go-ahead for June 21st, could it mean that carnival & festivals are back on? If so, we've found the perfect palette.

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As the world slowly opens up, I have my fingers crossed that carnival and festivals are back in action this year, as I think I have found the perfect go to palette for all the festivals, carnivals, and raves. I mean, it’s pretty much for everything. I can create a look that fits with any event I plan on going to - and I plan on going to ALL of them.

What's the palette, I hear you say? Well, here’s our honest review of the black|UP Paris Flash Colour Palette.

Black UP Paris Flash Colour Palette

The pallet contains 12 vibrant and user friendly shades that’ll work for any upcoming event you’ve got planned this summer. The colours are highly pigmented, smooth, and buttery to apply.

I attempted three looks with slight modification (I had to try the shimmer shades -they looked so pretty) over a three day period and each look held up pretty much all day. Disclaimer - I did use an eyeshadow primer, but I’m super confident these eyeshadows could hold their open without a primer, as they are super pigmented.

Sis is not a beauty guru; sis can barely blend and sis doesn’t always know what colours go best where. So, I was so pleased the Black UP Paris Flash Colour Palette had a handy guide at the back of the pallet with easy instructions on how to and where to apply the eye shadow.

The easy to follow step by step guide inspired the three test looks I created that were pretty straightforward to achieve.

Black UP Paris Flash Colour Palette

I loved how easily the colours blended and most were so easy to apply, except I had a little trouble with the shimmer shades as they didn’t seem to move as easily as the non-shimmer shades. But that is very small gripe, because once I got the shadow placed it looked amazing and gave me the additional pop I needed.

All in all, this palette delivered; it gave me powerful colours that weren’t overbearing. I highly recommend this item to both novices and professional, as it really does cater to all.

black|UP Paris Flash Colour Palette, £39.50,

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