Simply Oloni becomes Lovehoney ambassador

Let's talk about sex - one of our favourite sex and relationship gurus, Dami Olonisakin, embarks on a collab with the adult toy brand.


Clap Baq Queen and sexpert Simply Oloni has officially become Lovehoney’s ambassador. She told us: “I can’t wait to work with the UK’s most popular online shop for adult toys and lingerie."

Always aiming to break down the societal stigmas around pleasure and, in particular, self-pleasure, she said in an Instagram ad for the brand, 'There’s a taboo when it comes to female masturbation. Some of us shy away from the topic because we don’t realise that we’re sexual beings too and deserve to enjoy pleasure with or without a partner.

'People masturbate for many different reasons: because it’s relaxing, helps us understand our bodies, it releases sexual tension or simply because it feels good. When you understand your body more, you’re able to teach your sexual partner exactly what it is you like during intimacy, after all how will they know if you don’t? @lovehoneyofficial have many toys designed to give us that big O! So use this time to explore your sexuality.'

We look forward to reading Oloni's advice and seeing which products she personally recommends as Lovehoney ambassador!

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