Sexy stay-at-home Valentine's hair

Need some style inspo? Award-winning stylist, Michelle Thompson shares her top tips to help you slay your tresses at-home…

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Flexi rod style

The Flexi Rods Set

Flexi rods can be used to create an effortlessly elegant and chic look that is perfect for any occasion or a romantic date-night. Here’s how to get the look.

  1. Working on dry hair, section your tresses into a side parting using a tail comb.
  2. Take a large section around 2-3 inches in size (your sections don’t have to be neat) and then using your flexi rod start wrapping the hair from the bottom until you get to the root and then twist and bend the flexi rod to secure it in place. Repeat this method and continue this throughout your mane.
  3. Cover your hair with a satin bonnet and sleep in it overnight to secure the style.
  4. On Valentine’s day, using some serum on your hands gently unwrap the flexi rods and delicately separate each section with your fingers. You can fluff the hair as much or as little as you want to depending on whether you want more or less definition.
  5. Finally, finish up with edge control to smooth and shape your hair and finish with a shine spray.
Wet look hair

The Wet Look

Sultry and sexy, the wet look is a simple and easy way to make style statement with minimal styling time required. Follow these steps to get Valentine’s Day ready in minutes.

  1. First cleanse the hair as you would normally and follow up with a conditioner.
  2. While the hair is still wet apply a leave-in conditioner and a curl defining gel, section-by-section to ensure you have evenly applied the products.
  3. Next create a deep side parting and smooth the hair back behind the ear and secure with a grip. Then using a wet gel apply on top of the sleek area and smooth the hairline as desired.
  4. Using the same product apply this to the roots at the front area and along the parting. comb back and over to create your flip..
  5. Finally, using your hairdryer with a diffuser start to hover over the head remembering not to touch the hair but lifting the hair with an Afro comb at the front to create your desired height. Once completely dry use a shine spray to finish.
Classic blowout

The Classic Blowout

Sleek and straight strands is a fail-safe style that can easily be transformed into a multitude of looks. If you don’t feel like wearing your hair down, try swooping up your tresses into a sleek updo. But first, here’s how to straighten your hair like a pro.

  1. On clean hair, apply thermal protection before blow-drying the hair
  2. Next, use a denman brush or paddle brush to smooth out the hair, this will give you minimum tension on the hair and creates less damage.
  3. Create a centre or side part - as desired - and start smoothing over the hair with wide plate irons using between 180 - 200 degree to ensure minimum damage to your natural curl pattern.
  4. Finally smooth down one side of the hair using slides to secure in place.

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