Self-care Sunday: 8 confidence boosters courtesy of Lovebrwn

If lockdown is taking its toll on your confidence, the positive and inspiration Instagram account @lovebrwn has some advice


Confidence boosters: ✨

1. Erotic novels. Try some out!

They give you ideas, they make you feel more alive, and they just take you to a different place.

2. Buy some quality items!

When’s the last time you actually bought a good bra? Some cute panties? A bomb moisturiser? It’s totally ok to invest in the things that make you happy, even if you have to save up.

3. Be naked more!

And look in the mirror WHILE you’re naked. Hiding from your appearance for long periods of time can make you feel like you’re looking at a stranger when you finally DO decide to look. That’s why it’s so good to be familiar with your body, it is your home.

4. Following people who look like you...

...and following accounts that make you feel good is THE key to a better social media experience.

5. Affirmation...

...your beauty is unique, realistic, and valid.

Stretch marks, acne, scars, hair, moles, birthmarks, asymmetry texture, and discolouration are all part of being human.

6. Have more orgasms.

That high is worth it. (Not having a partner doesn’t mean that you can’t experience this)

7. Clean your space...

...then light some candles with soft music in the background. It’ll make you feel so fresh and productive.

8. Acquire more perfumes!

I’ve heard people say that they use certain types of perfumes for certain events/ moods. Which means that a particular smell can make them feel better or be therapeutic for them. Plus smelling good is always a confidence booster!

Feature image: @flawsofcouture

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