Say goodbye to dark knuckles with DW Aesthetics’ Pigmentation Treatment System

This UK-based black-owned skincare brand now offers an easy and effective solution to one of the most common skin issues.

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Have you noticed the skin on your knuckles has darkened? Dark knuckles can be caused by a number of factors, ranging from health issues to certain medications. Black-owned skincare brand DW Aesthetics has created an effective formula which helps to reduce the appearance of dark knuckles and care for your skin.

Dark skin on the knuckles is more common in people with darker skin tones. In some cases, the dark pigmentation on the knuckles may be inherited, but if you don’t have a family history of this condition, there may be different factors at play. In some cases, a change in pigmentation on the knuckles can be the result of vitamin deficiencies or the effects of certain medications and drugs. Other causes can be directly related to the use of strong acidic or harsh ingredients commonly found in cleaning products or skin bleaching products.

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Cynthia Adjei, DW Aesthetics Founder and CEO, says: “Our skin is a reflection of our health, and any changes in its pigmentation or texture may signal underlying health conditions. Dark knuckles are often caused by B-12 deficiency or reactions to medication, especially to types of hormonal therapy. In some cases though, pigmentation changes can highlight more serious health issues, so if the condition persists, make sure to consult your doctor or a trusted medical professional to identify the cause. Once you have been diagnosed and provided with a treatment plan, we recommend using dedicated skincare formulas such as DW Aesthetics’ Dark Knuckles System to help restore your natural skin pigmentation and eliminate darkness on the knuckles in a matter of weeks.”

DW Aesthetics’ Dark Knuckles System uses an extra-strength peeling formula which helps to exfoliate the skin and prep it for treatment. Next, add the Skin Radiant Corrective Complexion Moisturiser to your skincare regime which includes nourishing natural ingredients that help to effectively even skin tone to achieve consistent, visible results within 12 weeks.

DW Aesthetics’ Dark Knuckles System is available over at the DW Aesthetics official website for £134.98.

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