Save VS splurge: Scalp relief

We look at two products to relieve itchy scalps, soothes tension from protective styles, and condition the scalp and hair.

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SHEA MOISTURE Track Tension Relief Serum
Shea Moisture Track Tension Relief Serum, £10.99

Alleviate tension, tightness and itchiness from your protective styles with this hair must-have. It's a calming and comforting hair serum that provides instant relief to your scap when used with cornrows, braids, sewn-in weaves and extensions. It features a nourishing blend of Jojoba Oil and Ucuuba Butter; the non-greasy liquid absorbs rapidly into the scalp and even produces a cooling effect (thanks to Peppermint Oil), instantly relieving discomfort and any irritation.

AFFIRMCARE Scalp Relief Oil
Affirmcare Scalp Relief Oil, £18.50

An effective yet soothing oil, Afficare's Scalp Relief Oil infuses the scalp with natural conditioners and healing properties that create the ideal environment to promote healthy hair. The Natural Black Seed Oil helps to remove any dead skin and flakes from the scalp, while improving moisture. This is combined with the Oregano Extract, to significantly reduce dandruff. Lastly, the Oat Kernel Oil contains ceramindes to repair skin and keep the scalp healthy.

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