Save vs splurge: Hair oils

These elixirs are filled with nourishing ingredients that bring dull hair back to life, soothe itchy and dry scalps, and more!

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WowOils Organic Black Seed Oil

Wow Oils Organic Black Seed Oil, £11.70

Revisit the art of hair oiling with this nutritious organic black seed oil from Wow Oils. This nature-made wonder oil penetrates into strands of all hair types, renewing the health of the hair from the inside out. It works especially well for dry, damaged and fragile hair to restore it to a healthy appearance and texture. Best of all, get the most for your money by using this all over your body, including scalp, skin and nails.

EquiBotanics Black Seed Hair Elixir

Equi Botanics Black Seed Hair Elixir, £54

Equi Botanics' first hair serum is enriched with Brahmi and Bhringaraj ayurvedic oils aimed at preventing split ends and itchy scalps, and accelerating hair growth. So not only will your strands be transformed to appear stronger and more healthy, they'll also grow with the same benefits! Get longer, thicker, healthier hair in no time.

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