Save VS splurge: Hair dryers for Afro hair

We take a look at affordable and splurge-worthy hairdryers with wide-tooth comb attachments for drying and styling Afro hair.

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The uninitiated might look at the array of attachments that come with a hairdryer and think 'what on earth would I need all these for?'. However, those of us who are familiar with the ease of drying and styling that these tools provide, couldn't think of anything more exciting to obsess over.

The subject of today's Save VS Splurge is the hairdryer and wide-tooth comb attachment. A must-have in an Afro hair tool kit, this handy attachment allows you to lift and shape curls, kinks and coils, for full-bodied fabulousness.

The question is: would you save or splurge?

WAHL PowerPik Hairdryer
WAHL PowerPik 2 Hairdryer, £19.99

For its affordable price, the Wahl PowerPik 2 delivers a whole lot of performance and delivers fast drying results. With several heat and speed settings, including a cold shot to set your style, the dryer provides maximum styling control. The OnePik attachment features long, heat-resistant teeth to assist in directing airflow to the root of the hair and throughout the entire hair length. Plus, it's fitted with a hanging loop to keep it out of the way when not in use, a 3m salon length cable and removable air filter for easy cleaning.

ghd professional comb nozzle, £25, and helios hairdryer, £159

Sold separately to the ghd helios hairdryer, you can use the ghd professional comb nozzle to take textured, curly or coily hair types to the next level. Developed in collaboration with top stylists to help prepare for a smooth salon finish, this professional hair dryer attachment is equipped with two rows of strengthened, tapered teeth to comb gently through hair to lift and shape textured, curly or coily hair types. The hairdryer itself is specially develop to dry hair speedily using an airflow of speeds of up to 120kmh. It's lightweight and fitted with an acoustic system to ensure low sound levels. It also features a 3m power cable and hanging hook.

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