Salon etiquette for the new normal

Want to get the best out of your salon experience post-lockdown? Here are five salon etiquette tips for a smooth appointment.

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Saying the world will never be the same again after the pandemic would be no exaggeration. Nonetheless, as the nation forges ahead with optimism and determination, many businesses within the service sector are gearing up to reopen in April. And this includes our dearly missed salon industry. With many hairdressing businesses completely decimated as a consequence of the financial loss occurred during the lockdowns, the call to action to help support this integral sector of the hair and beauty industry couldn’t be more urgent. So, here are some suggestions on how you can support your favourite stylist or salon as they set about to re-establish their business post-lockdown.

Offer a tip!

Although the UK doesn’t have a strong tipping culture, according to a survey conducted by, hairdressing is the second most-tipped profession in the country. One of the best ways you can show support to your stylist or salon is to offer a tip if you’ve received an exemplary service. In terms of the amount, that’s totally up to your discretion. However, the average tip for salon hairstylists is around 15 - 20 per cent.

Show up on time!

Punctuality has never been so crucial for the salon industry. The more bums on seats your favourite salon is able to schedule in, the more they will be able to obtain a healthy profit so their business can thrive. Arrive minutes before your scheduled appointment time. And if you’re going to be late, notify the salon as they can potentially reshuffle other appointments.

Invest in professional aftercare products

There is nothing that compares to getting your hair professionally styled and treated. And while replicating your finished look at home is never an easy task, one of the best ways to come close is by using suitable aftercare products. Most salons sell the products they use during hair appointments, so support yours by making a purchase at your next visit.

Respect your salon’s cancellation policy

Even more important than showing up on time, it’s absolutely crucial to respect and adhere to your salon’s cancellation policy. Always let your salon know beforehand if you’re unable to attend your appointment. Most salons request at least 24 hours’ notice prior to cancellation, but check the salon’s website to be certain. If you do need to cancel, give ample notice so they can slot someone else in your place.

Sharing is caring

Whether you share an IG story or just recommend your favourite stylist to your friends, your active participation in promoting a salon will really help to boost its profile. It’s likely that while salons rebuild their businesses after the pandemic, many will have to freeze budgets for activities like marketing. This means they will be relying on social media and word-of-mouth recommendations to attract new customers. The simple act of sharing a post will cost you nothing - but it could impact a salon’s business exponentially.

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