Review: The leave-in conditioner for scalp woes

A good leave-in conditioner can be the answer to all your hair prayers, making every day a good hair day with each spritz!

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When it comes to a leave-in conditioner, I am quite picky and critical, especially when it comes to my fine 4C hair. A product needs to give me that je ne sais quoi. So, I tried and tested the Crème of Nature Invigorating Leave-In.

Crème of Nature Invigorating Leave-In

Why I reached for this product: I have never been a big fan of Crème of Nature products. For me, you never really know which product is a hit or a miss. Let me be the first to tell you that this product is a… HIT! Especially for the refreshing scalp feeling. The cooling mint is the hero ingredient in this product.

I am always in the market looking for a great leave-in conditioner for everyday use. I love conditioners that soften, strengthen, moisturise, and leave my curls popping and refreshed.

So, I thought, “Okay, Crème of Nature, you can have my coins”. ☺ This product is definitely one that I’ll be reaching for again real soon and will form part of my arsenal of hair care products.

What sold me on this is the cooling mint. It felt tingly on my scalp which made me feel like it was really working. Also, I think it helps thicken my barely-there edges. It does what it says on the label: 'refreshes your scalp'. The natural coconut oil, shea butter, infused aloe and cooling mint in this product refreshes and hydrates dry scalp.

The fact that this product is in a spray bottle makes it easier to use and is perfect for wigs and braids. So, ladies get shopping and add this item to your basket. I give this a Spell rating of 8/10.

Available at Superdrug, price TBC.

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