Refresh your wig with this new wig 'laundry' service

Want to keep your wig in tip top shape? Whether it just needs a shampoo and style or a full overhaul, Wig Bar London does it all

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Wig Bar London - Before and After

Wig life just got better thanks to the latest offering from Wig Bar London - a new 'wig-only laundry service'.

As consumerism shifts to a more conscious mode of operation, one area that won’t be left behind is the hair industry and more specifically, wigs. Whatever a woman’s decision to wear a wig, it can be a costly habit with many pieces not withstanding wear and tear.

For this reason, London entrepreneur Yomi Onashile has created a business dedicated to revamping wigs in order to help wearers extend the lifespan of their investment buys and leave them looking as-good-as-new at a fraction of the cost.

About the Wig Bar London

The Wig Bar London is a new wig maintenance service that welcomes all human hair wigs from customers around the world. Customers simply post in their wig with any special requirements and a few days later (or 24 hours via the express service), the wig will be returned having undergone a thorough transformation.

Speaking of the launch, Founder Yomi Onashile said;

“I’ve had an appreciation for wigs since my mid-twenties, when I discovered them after searching for a solution that would protect my hair at the same time as allowing me to experiment with different looks. They swiftly became a large part of my life, but little did I know how big a part they would play...A few years later, following frustration at the lack of high-quality affordable wigs on the market, I began making them myself and later, for friends and family. This demand quickly spiraled into a business and soon I was taking orders from customers I’d never met."

"New wigs are fantastic and whilst they are very popular, premium quality pieces still don’t come cheap. I wanted to create something that was accessible for all, so I launched the Wig Bar London –this provides a maintenance service that increases the longevity of our customer’s favourite wigs, leaving them looking brand new but at a fraction of the cost.”

Starting from £70, the Wig Bar London offers a range of different services;

The Upgrade: Drop, wash & deliver. ‘The Upgrade’ service includes a shampoo, condition, detanglingtreatment and straight/wavy style finish. 5-day turnaround time. £70.00

The 24-Hour Service: The standard treatment, but for those in a hurry. A shampoo, condition,detangling treatment and straight/wavy style finish returned within 24 hours. £100.00

The Colour Pop: For those seeking a noticeable different look, this service includes all the standardservice of a shampoo, deep condition, detangle and style but with a custom colour applied as either afull head of colour, highlights or ombre finish. 7-day turnaround time. £100.00

The Glo Up: For a true transformation, receive a shampoo, condition and detangling treatment onyour wig as well as bleached knots, a customised hairline and a custom style/cut. 7-day turnaroundtime. £165.00

The Lace Replacement: For wigs that are balding or if the frontal/closure area has been over-plucked.This service includes lace replacement in either a 4x4” or 13x6” size and can be combined with otherwashing and styling services offered by the Wig Bar London. 4-day turnaround time. From £70.00.

The Deconstruction: Out with the old, in with the almost new. This service will ensure your old wig isdeconstructed and after being washed, conditioned and detangled, a new wig is created using theexisting hair and closure supplied. This also includes a straight or wavy finish. 14-day turnaround time.£200.00

Wig Bar London - Before and After

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