Ready to boost your fitness?

To help you level up your fitness game in 2022, we’ve gathered together a crack team of experts to help you smash your goals.

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For pressing technical questions: Emma Kirk-Odunubi


How should you warm up before running out of the door? What exercises are best for knee pain? Emma Kirk-Odunubi will have an answer. She’s got serious exercise chops. She’s an Under Armour Ambassador and ceo of Bullet Proof Athletic, a running community space for everyone (regardless of how fast you can run or how much weight you can lift) and is a self-confessed fitness footwear fanatic. Emma specialises in treadmill workouts, which are great alternatives given the mornings and evenings are still shrouded in darkness. Sign up to her classes and check out all the brilliant content on her Instagram page.

For strength inspiration: Janine George

Famed for her high energy fitness classes, Janine George is the go-to person to get you pumped when you’re feeling like you could take a duvet day. A fitness instructor at swish London studio Digme Fitness, Janine’s motto is ‘strength is beauty’ and she swears by that in every training session she does. If you need a real boost to get your swim kit on or to get out of the door for a sweaty session of HIIT, then take inspiration from Janine. She’s all about creating space for women in male-dominated fitness spaces, like the weights room, and encourages all people to get involved in moving their bodies, whatever age and shape you are.

For nutritional support: Anita Bean


If you’re chowing down on a fry-up 20-minutes before working out and feeling like a stone is in your stomach, you’re not doing yourself any favours. What to eat and when is a constant topic for those who need to fuel their long runs, keep their punches up during boxing or hold that warrior pose without wobbling. There are plenty of places to go to for nutritional advice but our first stop is Anita Bean, a specialist in sports nutrition and bestselling author. Her Instagram page is packed with tons of mouth-watering recipes to keep your body in tip top shape – there’s no sign of a Spartan diet here. Anita creates meals you’ll love, regardless of whether you plan to lace up your running shoes or not.

For mental resilience: Adrienne Herbert


There’s a good chance you already know Adrienne Herbert from her incredible Instagram account, where she shares her inspirational thoughts with almost 80K of her followers. She’s the host of the popular Power Hour podcast and author of a book of the same name, and a constant source of running inspiration. Thanks to the podcast, she’s become recognised as one of the leading influencers for looking after our mental health and instilling some positive thinking into not just our fitness regimes but our lives. We love her Monday Motivation doses on the Power Hour, which is the ideal way to kick-off the week, as well as her talks with the best exercise experts around. Recent episodes have focused on how to help you perfect your pullups, define your goals and the importance of giving something a go.

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