Protect your hair while staying stylish

Rest easy knowing that your hair is being well-looked after by this gorgeous satin turban from London salon Mimi et Mina.

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We know you know the benefits of wearing a satin/silk bonnet to bed, so let’s bypass that stage and launch straight in on how adorable this silk scarf looks. Sold exclusively at Mimi et Mina salon and sourced by founder Myriam Kone, this salmon pink turban is a super cute option for chilling at home or nipping to the shops.

Mimi et Mina headscarf

Care for your silk headscarf by gently handwashing it in lukewarm water with a small amount of detergent to prolong its lifespan while keeping it clean! Carefully squeeze out the water (no wringing when it comes to silk!), and leave to air dry on a drying rack.

This silk headscarf can be worn with a wig, weave, extensions or your natural hair.

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