Primark period pants get a thumbs up

The high street giant has just released a hotly anticipated eco-friendly alternative to single-use sanitary products.


Period pants are a hot topic, and leading the way as a budget-friendly, sustainable buy is Primarks latest offering of reusable briefs.

Primark period pants

Leak-proof with a built-in pad, the anti-odour knickers are lauded for being comfy and practical. They're currently available in two options: light to medium flow (holding up to three regular tampons worth of liquid) and medium to heavy flow (holding up to four tampons worth of liquid).

Primark period pants

If you already own period pants, you'll know the drill when it comes to washing them. However, if you're new to eco sanitary products, here's the lowdown: simply run the underwear under cold water after use, then place in a cold wash (without fabric conditioner) and hang dry.

Primark period pants

The pants are manufactured with four layers:

  1. The first layer absorbs moisture, fights bacteria growth and prevents odour.
  2. The second layer soaks up fluid and locks it away.
  3. The third layer provides extra waterproof protection to help prevent leakage.
  4. The fourth is a soft layer designed for comfortable wear.

Available in Primark stores. Price from £6.

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