Post-covid fitness: Is the gym for you?

Take our quiz to find out whether to keep that gym membership, or find another way to get in your daily exercise in a post-covid world.

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1. How often do you visit the gym per week?

☐ a. Four to five times per week

☐ b. Two to three times per week

☐ c. Less than twice a week

2. How do you find the gym experience?

☐ a. Very positive. I feel confident and supported

☐ b. OK, a bit out of my depth

☐ c. Self conscious and uncomfortable

3. When you’re at the gym what exercise do you typically do?

☐ a. A mixture of cardio, weights and classes

☐ b. Mostly cardio and group classes

☐ c. Just classes


With lockdown restrictions in place, keeping our bodies moving is more crucial than ever. The gym seems like a good fit for you. You’re engaged, comfortable and getting the most from your money. Keep up those gains!


The gym definitely has its benefits, but you could also consider home or outdoor training to meet the same health goals while saving a bit of cash. Feeling physically and mentally stronger will help spur you on to keep on the right track.


The gym doesn’t feel like home for you and that’s OK. The gym environment is not for everyone and if you’re not feeling it, why punish yourself? Explore the option of a private studio that offers small classes or free online fitness videos.


How to find your motivation for exercising

Newly published statistics show that 50 per cent of new gym goers cancel their membership within six months while others admit paying for a gym membership they rarely use. If you want to stay on top of your fitness goals but lack the motivation, here are some tips to whip you into shape!

Pick a skill you're good at

The fastest way to fall off any fitness programme is by choosing activities you don’t like. If the thought of burpees or an armystyle bootcamp with a drill sergeant shouting in your ears fills you with dread, then don’t sign up. Choose an exercise or skill you want to become good at and dedicate your time to that. Seeing improvements is motivation in itself, especially when it’s something you never thought you’d be able to achieve. Not sure where to start? Write down a list of what you enjoy and over the coming weeks work your way through. After all, you might just surprise yourself.


Find a workout buddy

Having someone to go to the gym with makes it much easier to stay on track. You can motivate one another by working out in pairs and partaking in some friendly competition. Challenging yourself is a healthy way to attain goals - you’d hate to be seen as the one who could only do three reps when your friend can do four. But whatever you do, don’t turn it into a ‘frenemy’ situation. If you can’t find a workout partner, put it out there on social media or an online fitness forum. This could be a great opportunity to network and build new lasting friendships.


Make the investment

Signing up with a personal trainer (PT) is an expensive option, but ultimately you will reap the rewards and save money in the long run. A PT will help you understand how to meet your goals, map out planned exercises and assess your technique to make sure you’re exercising correctly. This is an important stage that is often overlooked and can lead to back, shoulder or knee strains developing over time from incorrect movement. PT sessions range from £30- £80 depending on location and experience. However, some gyms also offer a trial session - so keep an eye out for those.


Create a plan

It’s important not to overwhelm yourself by creating a gruelling training regime – something we’ve all most likely been guilty of. Unachievable goals are the quickest way to dampen your motivation and call it quits. If Friday evenings are usually a girls’ night out, then plan your training around the days and evenings you know you’ll be engaged. If you know you can only manage two sessions a week, then plan for two and a home session later on in the week. Remember, not only is consistency key, your fitness journey should be enjoyable and work for you on all occassions.

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