Plant Mamas: Meet the girls who garden

Thinking about turning your love of plants into a hobby? Check out these plant and garden communities for women of colour.


Would you consider yourself a millennial who’s potty about plants? Then join the club. Now spring is in the air, and lockdown easing means we can socialise outdoors and in our gardens, the interest in going green-fingered is growing. Luckily there are exciting spaces, both online and offline, where women and people of colour can gain and share plant knowledge.

Not sure if you can call yourself a plant mama? Answer these questions: does your living room resemble the Amazon Jungle? Or how about the amount of hours you clock up on Patch Plants’ Instagram?

It’s easy to understand why; so many of us are literally gagging to get into the garden after a long winter indoors. So if you’re looking for ways to learn more about plant cultivation and to connect with other foliage-loving friends, here are three communities worth joining.

Black Girls with Gardens

Dubbed a multicultural home and garden resource, it’s founded by America-based Jasmine Jefferson. For anyone in need of a hit of wholesome content, this feed has it all: lush pictures to inspire your inner green goddess, and practical information on how to cultivate and care for your indoor and outdoor plants. And because it’s such a thriving community, you’ll find plenty of gardening enthusiasts to connect with, too.

Prick London

Created by Gynelle Leon, an award-winning photographer, Prick is a rather unique boutique in London, dedicated to cacti and other succulents. It’s more than a store, though, and Gynelle has created a whole lifestyle brand, with an enthusiastic following who come together to share their love for potted prickly babies. After coming to the attention of a nationwide audience following a talk on BBC Radio 4, Gynelle said: “I absolutely love the plant community we are so proud to be a part of and have really missed engaging with you all in real life at the store, festivals or workshops. This year we hope to bring you more beautiful plants, products and events 🤞🏽 even if they end up being virtual.”

Grown Club

Grown Club, launched in 2019, is the brainchild of journalist Aimée Grant Cumberbatch. She’s tapped into the growing interest in plants, whether it’s that indoor trend to fill every crevice of our homes with cheese plants and rubber-leafed friends, or giving some tender loving care to your garden or balcony, which we’re treasuring even more thanks to the pandemic.  

Aimée introduced Nurture Nature Talks - an IG Live series on Grown hearing from women of colour in the world of plants and gardening. You can catch up on these, including her talk with @poppyokotcha about how she got into growing things and what she thinks a truly diverse and inclusive world of plants and gardening should look like. Post-pandemic Grown is making some changes; keep an eye out on their socials for updates.

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